Solitary Clamp-on Stainless Steel Gas Block

Having a quality AR-15 Gas Block is essential to the function of your firearm. The gas block regulates gas from the initial combustion back into to the bolt carrier group; this is what ejects empty cartridges and feeds the next round. The stainless steel solitary clamp on gas block from Alien Armory will eliminate the gas block from breaking lose from those annoying set screws.


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Of all the AR15 platform modifications available, an quality Clamp-on Gas Block from Alien Armory Tactical is among the most pivotal AR-15 / M4 Accessories you can buy when it comes to performance enhancement. A firm AR Gas Block will all but eliminate your gun’s recoil, making for a seamless recoil recovery and a quicker target acquisition in follow-up shots. It will also prevent the bolt from overheating, rendering your cool down period unnecessary. In the name of reliability, most AR manufacturers err on the side of over-gassing the operating system of the upper receiver, making the stock AR a bit of a beater rifle with a snappy recoil. The Clamp-on Gas Block from Alien Armory will fine-tune the gas pressure on the standard, over-gassed direct impingement AR15 systems by sealing the gap between the gas tube and the gas port.